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    Cell Rrugs CDMO Platform


     Ⅰ Platform Introduction

      The cell technology service platform complies with FDA, EMA and NMPA GMP standards, and can meet the needs of small-scale, pilot-scale and commercial production of cell and gene drugs.

      Service:full-process CDMO services for cell and gene drugs (plasmid, virus, cell drug form)-small test, pilot test, preclinical research, IND registration, clinical trial and commercial drug production, stem immune cell storage, development and testing of quality testing indicators, and can provide medical institutions, R&D institutions with spot supply of plasmids, lentiviral vectors and preparation services of cell preparations.


     Ⅱ Platform Function Introduction

      The platform has 4 floors, with a total construction area of 6651.54m2.


     Ⅲ Platform Hardware Introduction

      The production workshop includes 2 GMP cell preparation production lines (automatic line, manual line), 1 plasmid production line, 3 virus production lines (lentivirus, oncolytic virus, adeno-associated virus), as well as sub-assembly lines, water production and gas supply, etc.; Storage, cell storage, medical waste temporary storage, medical technology cell preparation (P2 biosafety level), etc.; R&D office includes QC testing room, PD laboratory and office.