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    Small molecule drugs CDMO platform


     Ⅰ Platform Introduction

      Zhengzhou Pairui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Small Molecule API- Preparation CDMO Platform) is an integral part of the Lifezhengzhou-Leadingpharm CXO System,  jointly built by Beijing Leadingpharm, Beijing Crown Biology and Zhengzhou Lifezhengzhou Biopharmaceutical Park, to provide small molecule  industrialization and clinical sample preparation-related technical services for national pharmaceutical enterprises.


      Service: The platform provides a compliant site for clinical sample production of innovative drugs, commercial production of rare disease drugs, and pilot and commercial production of generic drugs, including tablets, capsules, granules, oral fluids, small-volume injections and other conventional oral and injectable dosage forms. The project can produce 20 million preparation unit solid preparations, 15 million preparation unit injections, 12 million preparation units oral fluid, 60 pilot projects and 1000 batches of testing, can all-round enabling innovative enterprises to break through the bottleneck of high-speed growth.


     Ⅱ Platform Function Introduction

           The platform is made up of 4 floors, with a total construction area of 6651.54 square meters



     Ⅲ Platform Hardware Introduction

      The platform conforms to the U.S. FDA, China NMPA GMP standards. There are three preparation workshops (oral solid preparation workshop, small-capacity injection workshop, oral solution workshop), with supporting power, power center, storage and quality inspection and other institutions or facilities.