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    Company History

    Company History
    • 2021

      CNAS Certification for the Analysis Test Center
      built strategic cooperation relationship with the Chinese Research Hospital Association and became an executive director
      built strategic cooperation relationship with Beijing Normal University has been carried out. Continuously promoted the cooperation between industry, education and research
      Comprehensively promoted the construction of digital platforms and built strategic cooperation relationship with Neotrident
      Obtained the “excellent vice president unit “ of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Chamber of Commerce"

    • 2020

      Create unique Leadingpharm CXO Service System in the industry
      Held the Second Zhengzhou International Biological Innova-tion and Development Summit Forum
      Co-opted as the Vice President Unit of the All-China Federa-tion of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Chamber of Commerce
      Obtained the certification of Intellectual Property Pilot Unit
      In-depth cooperation on multiple topics with Shimadzu China Innovation Center, create a shared database
      Established 6 high-end preparation platforms, and were included in the Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone High-precision Industry Collaborative Innovation Platform
      130 million yuan in financing, total valuation over 1 billion yuan
      Marine’s business expansion, striving to create the first person of the clinical CRO team of cell and gene therapy drugs

    • 2019

      ISO9001Quality Management System Certification
      Strategically cooperate with Shimadzu China, established a joint laboratory with Thermo Fisher
      Established the University of Lanzhou Global Pharmaceu-tical and Chemical Industry Alumni Association
      patent applications exceeded 150
      Intellectual Property Management System certification
      Beijing Municipal enterprise science and technology research and development institution
      No. 1 in China Pharmaceutical R&D Company

    • 2018

      Cooperate with more than half of the top 100 companies in China's pharmaceutical industry
      HPLC exceeds 150
      Law-abiding and honest enterprise in the national pharmaceutical industry
      Chairman Tao Xinhua completed the global marathon grand slam,Open a new era of Leadingpharm sports

    • 2016

      Establish consistency evaluation center
      Established the first international IVIVR in China "Top Three Chinese Pharmaceutical R&D Companies"

    • 2015

      Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 600222)
      More than 500 employees
      Establish strategic cooperation with pharmaceutical companies such as Buchang and Ruiyang

    • 2010

      High-tech enterprise certification

    • 2005

      Business Vision:We make China a world-class player in pharmaceutical technology development and production process!
      Business Culture:Loyalty, Thinking, Construction, Commitment, Sharing